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Space Only Information

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Space Only Information

Build up

Space Only build-up: Monday, October 21st, from 08.00am – 18.00pm


No stand fitting, carpet, lights, or electrics are provided for Space Only sites. When you arrive, your space will have been marked out on the show floor – please

ensure that none of your stand fittings or equipment goes outside of these lines.

The maximum height for your stand is 93” (2.4 metres) without written permission – you can go higher but please submit your plans to the organizers for approval

before you commence with production.

Complex stands are determined to be either stands with a roof, or double decker stands. If your exhibit stand is deemed complex, you must submit your plans for

review by a structural engineer. The exhibitor will incur the associated costs. Once reviewed, the plans will have to be approved by the MBCC before you are able to


Please ensure that if your stand is adjacent to another stand (either shell or space only) that your construction includes a back wall if it’s over the height of 93” (2.4

metres), ensure your stand is not left exposed.


Please submit the following documentation to


From the exhibitor:

• Public Liability Insurance – September 10th, 2024

• Show Guide Entry Form – September 30th, 2024


From the contractor:

• Public Liability Insurance – September 10th, 2024

• Stand Plan – September 10th, 2024


When designing your stand, please remember to plan space for your staff and visitors to stand. You are not allowed to routinely stand (unless touring the

exhibition) or operate any of your product in the aisles. These need to be kept clear as they are part of the emergency plan.